“As a cardiologist, I feel a professional responsibility to stay fit. I have to practice what I preach to have credibility with my patients. But I also enjoy an active lifestyle outside the operating room, so keeping up my muscle tone and endurance are doubly important.

I went through half a dozen trainers before I met Eric. None of them had the holistic approach to fitness that he brings to my workouts at LIFT. Eric reads my body well and is an excellent judge of how far I can be pushed without overdoing it. In fact, during the ten-plus years I’ve been training with Eric, he’s designed special workouts to help me recover from a bad back and tendonitis.

For me, the rewards at LIFT are threefold. First, I’ve increased the stamina I need to keep my professional edge. Second, I enjoy a greater sense of vitality in my everyday life. And third, I experience the general sense of wellbeing that comes from feeling fit and in tune with my body.”

Dr. Larry Vallario

“By the time I was 15, I knew I had a pretty good shot at playing collegiate hockey. But I also knew that I needed the help of a good personal trainer to push me to that level. I heard about Eric and his work with professional athletes, so I decided to give him a call.

At our first meeting, we talked through my background and my objectives. I also told him about some of my bad experiences with other trainers. It was clear from the beginning that he could help balance me out while still training me specifically for my sport. The fact that he had been a competitive athlete himself also gave me confidence.

Eric pushed me harder than any of my coaches. I always knew that when I stepped on the ice, I was in the best shape of anyone out there. He definitely gave me the competitive edge I was looking for.”

Garrett Sider

“I’m the mother of two young girls, and the majority of my time has been focused on my children. At a certain point, however, I realized that I could be a better mom if I reclaimed some of myself and focused on my own health and fitness.

I knew I needed someone to kick me in the butt and keep me on track. That’s exactly what I found at LIFT. Plus Eric is a great listener. He helps me identify my goals, and he holds me accountable on a weekly basis. He also takes time to call between sessions to check on my progress.

I love the non-intimidating environment at LIFT. It allows me to focus and get the most out of my workouts. There are never more than four clients training at one time, so I always have my trainer’s undivided, personalized attention. That way I know I’m doing the exercises the right way every time. And it’s paying off. I lost 46 pounds in the first eight months, and I’m still counting down!”

Kelly Langford

“One of the best decisions I ever made was to give my husband a personal training package from LIFT for his birthday. He was so impressed after his first workout that I was convinced to give personal training a try, too.

I can honestly say that shortly after starting my program, I had amazing results— increased flexibility, greater strength, weight loss, and much improved overall fitness. I especially like the fact that each workout is varied, which keeps things fresh and challenging.

All the trainers at LIFT are extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and they excel at motivating and getting the best out of each client. When you decide to improve your health and fitness, checking out LIFT should be at the top of your list!”

Leigh C.